Seattle Move in and Move Out Cleaning Service

One of the most common reasons for hiring a cleaning service is when someone is either moving in or out of a home. If you are looking for the best move out cleaning services Seattle has to offer, look no further than Clean In Time. As a professional cleaning company, we offer a complete cleaning solution for your moving out needs. Our expert cleaning crew is highly trained and experienced in cleaning everything including tile floors, bathroom floors, door frames, and more to leave a clean house for the new tenants. We take pride in being the leaders in Move Out Cleaning Seattle.

Similarly, if you are moving into a new home and want expert help to undertake all the dirty work, our cleaning crew knows how to help you with your new start with through move in cleaning. Our team of cleaning experts only use the best quality material and cleaning equipment. We never compromise on our commitment to the quality of our service. Our happy clients are a testament to the quality and efficiency of our work. Book your cleaning appointment today to experience the best Seattle move in cleaning service.

Our Move in/Move out Cleaning Packages include:

At Clean In Time, we have two types of move-in and move-out cleaning packages for our clients. The first one is the basic package which includes a wide range of cleaning services. These are:

  • Dust everything from the ceilings to the floors, including fans, light fixtures, curtains, cupboards, baseboards, and other horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Glass doors and mirrors will be cleaned.
  • Vacuum the cabinets, drawers, and shelves inside and out.
  • Trash cans will be emptied and liners will be replaced.
  • Thoroughly cleaning the kitchen: Clean Sinks, Faucets, Countertops, Countertop Kitchen Appliances, Backsplash cleaning, Stove Top cleaning, Ventilation Hood cleaning, Cleaning the inside of Microwave, Polish the Oven, Dishwasher Doors, refrigerator, and more.
  • Scrub, disinfect, and deodorize the bathroom.
  • Toilet, Shower/Bathtub, Shower head, Faucet
  • Vacuum all Rugs and Floors
  • Bare floors mopped with a wet mop

We also have a premium cleaning package where we include the following services in addition to all the ones mentioned above:

  • Cleaning the window frames and vacuum the blinds
  • Wiping the Light Fixtures and baseboards by hand for detailed cleaning
  • Cleanly polishing and hand-wiping cabinet doors
  • Hand-cleaning the light switch plates, windowsills and lock ledges.
  • Cleaning any given indoor window glass that can be reached using a 2-step ladder.
  • Hand-cleaning the moldings and woodwork.

Why Choose us for Move in/Move out Cleaning Service

You should choose Clean In Time for your move-in/move-out cleaning needs. Our professional cleaning crew is highly trained and experienced in cleaning all types of surfaces, including tile floors, bathroom floors, door frames, and more, to ensure that the house is spotless for the new residents. Our cleaning professionals exclusively use the highest-quality cleaning materials and equipment. We never waver in our dedication to provide high-quality service. Our satisfied customers are proof of the high quality and effectiveness of our work.

We offer Move In and Move Out Cleaning Services in Bellevue, Everett, Lynnwood

Professional Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning Services

Moving houses is a distressing activity, whether you are moving in or out. You must ensure the house is perfect and in the best position to avoid last-minute disappointments and disagreements. Our professional cleaning crew at Clean in Time will ensure that all the surfaces are deeply cleaned and the house is unblemished. 

From bathroom floors to door frames to windows and under the sink, we will ensure no corner is left unattended and dirty.

Our premium cleaning package also includes hand cleaning of light switch plates, indoor window glass, hand cleaning of moldings and woodwork, and more. We only use eco-friendly cleaning materials and liquids that are harmless to the ecosystem.

Contact Clean in Time for spotless move-in and move-out cleaning and experience the best cleaning services in Seattle.

Top Rated Move in/Move Out Cleaning Service in Seattle, WA

Clean-in-time professionals understand how stressful or exciting the moving process is, so we always aim to make the entire process as seamless for you as possible. With our move-in and move-out cleaning, rest assured all the cleaning work will be done to the highest standards, within a reasonable time frame, and at the most affordable prices.

Despite being reasonably priced, we never compromise on the quality of our cleaning services. We have years of experience and proper cleaning material that allow us to meet your expectations and get the work done exactly as per your needs. We take immense pride in being the industry’s leaders and strive hard to maintain our status by continually providing exceptional cleaning services.

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